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Custom Book Covers by KJ Photography and Christine Church


YES, people do "tell a book by its cover!" (as unfair as that might be).  Your book cover can make or break sales. This is why traditional publishing companies will change book covers for the same book every few years. As times change, so do book cover trends. I keep up on these trends. For instance, this year eyes on thriller and paranormal books is the trend, or a unique person. Other genres have their own cover trends. However, you don't want your cover to look like everyone else's either. This is where I come in...


I believe getting the best custom book cover shouldn't be a complicated, nor an expensive, endeavor. Do you need a book cover but cannot afford the outrageous prices demanded by other "professionals?"  Well...I am a professional writer, graphic designer, and photographer and I can get you the cover you desire for low cost!


Custom covers for your indie book. Don't pay outrageous prices. These will be top quality HD covers for both print and digital. VERY affordable for the author on a budget. 


I use the story of your book to design the cover, not just some random photo from a stock image, so your cover will be truly unique!! I'm a professional writer and photographer (includes graphic design experience). I know how to get your covers to stand out in a crowd. Watch this page for more.


I can do e-book covers in any size you choose. I will also do Createspace/KDP paperback covers to match if that's your preference. Just contact me and tell me what you want. My prices are super affordable, starting at $20 for a simple e-book cover, and up if you need a stock image, paperback versions, etc.


Cover Designs I have created (unique by me, these are not "cookie cutter" designs):

I have been designing book covers since the 1990's when ebooks were brand new and there existed small "ebook publishing" companies. I designed covers professionally for several of these companies. Back then, graphic design was much more difficult than it is today! Today, as a professional photographer, I can easily get all the images I want as I have access to models, a studio and all of nature. If a stock image is needed  (for example, an image on your book requires a place I cannot easily get to for a photo shoot), the cost is no more! Your cover is absolutely GUARANTEED to please or I will tear it down and do it all over again if necessary.

I offer PAYMENT PLANS for the author on a hugely tight budget!

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