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Not Your Average Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance Author

Me and my best friend in the whole world; my horse, Kobeejo.

Hi, I'm Christine Church

and this gorgeous beast is my best friend and furry son, Kobeejo.

Christine Church was born with autism on the high function scale (Aspberger's) and agoraphobia. This, unfortunately, prevented her from doing what it was she wanted most or from achieving her goals early, as she was, for the most part, homebound. 


Her desire in acting (as well as music) was only minimally fulfilled. Aside from a degree in drama at the local college, Christine graduated modeling school in her early 20's. She was able to travel locally to malls to work in fashion shows, but that was about the extent. To make it as an actress, she knew she would have to move away, to NYC or LA.


Despite her disability, her deep desire for travel and adventure persisted. She particularly loved music and dreamt of going on tour, being in a band, being onstage, seeing the world. And so, she took to her mind, and pen and paper!


Christine started writing to the page when she was nine years old, sitting down with several sheets of paper and pencil to draw and write "picture books." She then taped them all together and gave them a title. 


By middle school, her disability earned her the status of being one of "those kids" who was bullied, spat on, name-called and kicked around. To escape, she sat in the back of the class and wrote short stories about rock stars and horses. Most of the stories were paranormal or fantasy. In 11th grade, Christine quit school, received her GED and applied to community college (she graduated with an AA in drama and theatre).


She began writing non-fiction then, as she learned in class, "write what you know." Being very knowledgeable in cat care, she wrote a book on the care of indoor-only cats. 


It took years of rejections and rewrites, but Church's cat care book finally made it into the realm of traditional publishing (which is a story in itself). For several years she was handed nonfiction book assignments by various publishers, but that eventually came to an end when others caught on and books under the same topics became commonplace. 


In the meantime, she came across the right medication (after a lifetime of being misdiagnosed and put on meds that made her "more of a zombie than the Walkers on The Walking Dead"). She began to feel like a real human being. 


She then did something she'd dreamt of her entire life... she bought a horse!  After a few years, with the aid of medication and the therapy of her horse, she was able to get onto a train and travel to NYC...alone! 


As a trained actress, she did little shows in NYC while still working on learning the writing craft. By this time, however, well into her 40's she found so many roads closed due to age and certain limitations. She knew she'd never become a full-time actress (though, she still travels to NYC for auditions, seminars, and classes). But her writing was always there. And it's something she works hard on every single day! 


In 2014, she completely "revamped" one of her old novels and emailed it to an agent she had met at a local writer's conference. A month later, Christine received a reply from the agent saying she LOVED it, loved the writing, and she said, "oh my goodness, you are talented!"  But, she also stated the market "is over-saturated." That was when Church chose to self-publish. The book, Beyond Every Mirror, is based on a short story Church penned when she was 15 years old and the novel is getting wonderful reviews (and spent over a week in the Kindle Top 100 paid sales in Romance Fantasy). The second book in the series, Beyond a Veiled Reflection, which came out in August 2018 is thus far receiving grand reviews. Book Three, Beyond Broken Glass, came out Feb 28th 2019.


She is also the best selling, award-winning author of the Fate of the True Vampires series.


For information on her books and updates as well as contest and tour appearances, you can visit her personal website, blog, Facebook page or join her weekly newsletter. She loves hearing from readers.

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