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Beyond Every Mirror

Signed Paperback (New or Older Copy: "Older Copy" means a book that is new, but an older version. Older versions may have different covers, or possible small errors inside)

370 Pages

Romance Fantasy


Diana Gabaldon meets Anne Rice in this fast-paced time dimension paranormal romance that will blow your mind.

The Early Scrolls

Fate of the True Vampires, Book Two

Signed paperback (New or Older Version Available)

120 pages

Historical Paranormal


Prequel to Sands of Time

In this prequel to the best-selling, award winning novella, Sands of Time, a most unique and exciting find is discovered. Kesi of Giza,hybrid blood drinker from Book One had documented her life as the child of the Pet Mer, gods from the sky, worshiped and protected by Pharaoh, offered their blood by humans. But all was not perfect, and Kesi documents her struggles, fears and trials for which future generations can learn.

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