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My horse, Kobeejo, is famous!


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My horse, Kobeejo, is going to be on the new A&E TV series, An Animal Saved My Life, due to his heroics in saving horses from the barn fire (video to the left on this page).

He's already been on the TV/Web show Right This Minute.

An Animal Saved My Life premieres July 6th, 2021 at 9pm eastern time USA. 

I am not sure if Kobeejo will be on one of the premiering shows or a later episode.

More Information upcoming.

Fate of the True Vampires on Facebook






These books are for those with an open mind, wishing something different, where they can disappear into a world with rich characters, strange worlds, beasts beyond imagination. Where time can be bent, people reincarnated at the will of a Wizard, and a love story so deep it defies the confines of time. 


As a writer, Anne Rice was my biggest influence. I was young and not sure where to go with my writing, I was in a deep depression, and so I decided to build a dollhouse... a 4ft tall by 4ft wide Victorian. I would sit on the edge of my bed (in my tiny apartment in my parent's basement), the dollhouse on a huge platform for the base. I'd built the exterior and was working on the interior, gazing at the TV through the small Victorian arched windows when a commercial came on for a new movie; Interview with the Vampire. I was about to look away, back to my work, when I saw this gorgeous long-haired man on the TV. I was hooked. By the time the movie came out, I saw it on opening night and that was it, I had my direction for my writing, and the end to my depression. I have been writing vampire and paranormal since. After that, I read every one of her vampire books, and many of her others. No one has inspired me more.

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