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House Cat Reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent source for broad-range of cat info, July 5, 2001
Bethany (Goshen, IN, United States)

This book answered many questions I had (& ones I hadn't even thought of yet).

I am a first-time kitten owner, for lack of a better word. ("Owner" is not PC, I know.)

Having also purchased at least 5 other cat behavior/care books, I was happily surprised to find a different approach in Christine Church's HOUSECAT. She goes into detail on many subjects dealing with living with and nurturing your housecats, yet her style of writing is not dry. She writes in an easily understood, matter-of-fact manner that covered everything that I wondered and worried about, my being new to housecats. Just one example: she covers the different types of cat litter on the market, explaining what the merits & disadvantages are of each. Being new to all this, litter box filler can be confusing without some specific info and opinions about all the choices that exist, and she sufficiently covered it for me.

Her manner is that of an experienced cat person, having 11 herself (at the time she wrote the book), and this can be a refreshing contrast to that of a vet. (Books by vets are aboundingly helpful, but after purchasing more than a handful of them, I was interested in checking out a different perspective.) Also, having had as many cats as she has, she has diverse experience, such as living with blind and elderly cats.

Occasionally, you might not agree with an opinion or two of hers, as with anyone, but anyone with a cat (or cats) of their own can probably sort out the few ideas that don't work for them. This book is worth the sorting-out.


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent value for money, March 10, 2005
K. Goh (Australia)


II found this book easy to read and informative. "Housecat" covers every aspect of life with indoor cats, as well as health issues faced at some time by everyone with cats in their daily lives. It gives you solutions for problems you never knew you had!! Now if only I could get my cats to read it!!!



Great for all, January 21, 2001
By A Customer
Bringing a cat indoors after they have lived outside all their lives is a tough decision to make. Housecat is a great book in helping give the new indoor cat owner insight and advice about all aspects of indoor cat life, not only bringing an outdoor cat in, but getting a kitten, teaching an older cat and helping an existing cat adjust. I learned more from this book than a year's worth of cat magazines.




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Sept 14, 2011